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All foreign students must be insured with health insurance (National Health Insurance or any local or abroad insurance) in order to receive safe treatment for unexpected illness and injury.

Collective insurance for foreign students

  • Students can either pay for insurance when paying the tuition fees or individually visit and apply for insurance at the International Office.
  • Insurance Amount: 100,000 per year (There can me change in amount according to gender and age)
  • Compensation scheme
Compensation scheme Compensation Amount Remarks
Injury and disease death, stress disorder 20,000,000
hospital bill (charges) 10,000,000 10% Student Deductible
Outpaient treatment 250,000 Self-burden 10,000~20,000 per time
Charges for compounding prescription 50,000 Self-burden 8,000 per time
  • For the insurance premium, visit our office with the necessary documents stated below
    • Claim application form,
    • Copy of Alien Registration Card,
    • Receipt of Hospital bill,
    • Receipt of compounding prescription,
    • Medical certificate (only for a bill of 50,000 won or more)